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We create, curate and cultivate a digital meeting place for corporate sponsors and our members.

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  • Our Vision

    We combine state-of-the-art technology and the power of the cell phone to present the right offers and opportunities to our members; anytime, anywhere. Our members tell us what they need and the platform does the rest.

  • Our Core Value

    Our core value is the belief that all people can improve their lives with proactive research and exploration of new opportunities. This happens one day at a time and not overnight.

  • Our Platform

    As curators of the online membership platform, our purpose is a commitment to our company's core value. We provide 24/7/365 support for our members on their lifelong journey to personal-empowerment.

  • Personal-Empowerment

    Our definition of self-empowerment is taking control of your own life; exploring new opportunities, setting realistic goals, and making positive choices toward change. Personal growth includes exploration, learning and analysis in areas such as Finance, Education, Employment, Personal Skills, Home Ownership, and Relaxation.

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Our Members


We Curate Online Communities and Marketplaces where Members Join to Explore and Request Information on Offers and Opportunities that can Change Their Lives, One Day at a Time.


99.6% of our members

Do research online for better deals and opportunities


93.9% of our members

Think they are funny


98.7% of our members

Use their phone to "find new stuff"


98.99% of our members

Like to smile

100% of our members join our platform for
Deals, Offers and Opportunities to better their life...

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Our Sponsors

Ideal Offers and Opportunities for Our Members

  • Bank/Savings Accounts
  • Best Jobs
  • Business Opportunities
  • Contests
  • Coupon Deals
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Repair
  • Health Insurance
  • Earn a College Degree
  • Financial Services
  • Gig Work
  • Home Services
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Make Money Online
  • Product Discounting
  • Personal Insurance
  • Personal Loans
  • Special Offers and Discounts
  • Sweepstakes
  • Survey Deals
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Relief
  • Travel Deals
  • Work From Home

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Fast Facts

How Our Members Find Us

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9 Million Strong and Growing!
Search Engines | Social Media | SEO from Content | Word of Mouth | Member Referral Program | Bloggers

Content-Rich Portal/Platform

  • 167,000 local and national jobs listed
  • 35,000 printable coupons
  • 4,954 continuing education schools profiled
  • 1,000's of pages of relevant content

Offers and Opportunities

Offers are embedded in
Relevant Content | Via Email | SMS Text | Push Notification | Member Sign-in Page | Member Dashboard


Why Advertise:
  • Performance-based CPC, CPL and CPA Pricing
  • Better ROI and Yield on Spend
  • Build Trust and Creditability
  • Foster Brand Loyalty
Advertising Support Services:
  • We help you set up and build out an offer/opportunity for our members
  • You set and bid on your price
  • Set a weekly or monthly budget cap/spend
  • Target by Zip Code
  • Start and stop campaigns anytime

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Who We Are

We are data driven

Data and tech are in our blood. We leverage data at all levels of the business to benefit both our members and our advertisers.

We foster teamwork

We are a passionate, hard-working, fun-loving team. Our team extends outside the management team and into all of our offices. We build, foster and cherish relationships with both our advertisers and members for an extended, happy family.

We build sustainable processes

We are a team of entrepreneurs intent on making a positive impact. We work on problems we don't have answers to and as such, we experiment, embrace disagreements, acknowledge failure, and always keep moving forward together.

We love our mission statement

Our compass is our mission statement. It acts as our playbook 24/7. With dedication and execution come the professional rewards of our ecosystem.

Luciano Rammairone

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

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Bibin Paul

CTO, Chief Technology Officer

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Michael Mesheriakov

CDO, Chief Development Officer

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Jeff Horn

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer

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Brooklyn, the Dog

CCO, Chief Canine Officer

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